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Our software is easy to use with a straightforward user interface that helps homeowners, board members, and property management companies in the community association to stay connected and keep track of all homeowner’s requests.

Focus less on handling requests and more on growing a solid and happy Homeowners association, no credit card details needed to signup.Book a free trial now!

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We have made it very simple for new users to sign up for our software and use it effortlessly. It is as simple as going through three steps.

Register your HOA

  • Submit your email ID and your First Name and Last Name.

  • Our Sales team will reach out to you to set up a free-trial account for you (and your HOA)

Configure Your account

  • You will receive an email with Admin user ID and password.
  • Login to configure your HOA's
  1. Name,
  2. Logo,
  3. Homeowners profile,
  4. Board members and
  5. Manager’s IDs.  


Start Using Our Software

  • You are ready to use the software, and we will help you every step of the way to guide you. 
  • Your HOA community will be equipped to function most efficiently and effectively using our software.

We are offering a “Free Trial” of our premium software for an extended period, no credit card details needed to signup. It is only available for a limited number of users. Book a free trial now!

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  • Dashboard - custom dashboards for Board members, ARC, and Homeowners
  • Create a home profile for just one time and track the history
  • Add / Remove homeowners when they move in or out of the community
  • Group configuration - Add the HOA logo, address, dues, and other assessments
  • Add Bylaws - which you can attach for any request ( General, maintenance, or compliance), so others are aware of it
  • Payment  configuration   - set your annual dues, minimum amount, special assessments, and other payments on the go
  • Configure 51% voting approval specific to your HOA for - Sharing documents and events with Homeowners
  • FAQ - add custom FAQs specific to your community
  • Audit - compliance request, maintenance request, and documents shared by Homeowners and board members
  • Support - free onboarding support to set up / maintain your community configuration and onboarding.



  • Get the latest updates from the dashboard for Home Owners and Board members
  • Separate dashboard for ARC - Architectural Review Committee
  • Add as many accounts for the manager, vendors, and external board members to your community for free
  • Receive notifications by email
  • Event List - for board members and homeowners
  • Custom reports generation for Board members MR and CR report, Home activity report, Due report(ARC)
  • Document Repository - shared by board members and management company
  • FAQ - view FAQ specific to your community shared by the Board.

Property management will be faster and more efficient with our easy-to-use software that caters to Homeowners, HOA boards, and property management companies, no credit card details needed to signup. Do not miss the chance to try our premium software for free!

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